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5 Easy SEO Hacks

1. Use Long-tail Keywords

If your website is new, then it’s a pretty good idea to befriend all those long-tail keywords that fall under your category. Long-tail keywords are the more specific search phrases, which are often longer than the widely searched search terms, that people use as they’re closer to the point-of-purchase. 

Long-tail keywords often have a low level of competition so it’s ideal for new websites to utilize the opportunity. These keywords can be used to drive the initial traffic to your website, which ultimately helps you to lay a foundation of reputation and credibility on search engines. Because such keywords possess low competition, you’re more likely to rank if you put out some quality content. 

2. Optimize Images

Just like adding text on your website, you must also attach relevant images. And like those texts, the images that you add can be optimized. One way of optimizing the images is to compress them into a lower size. You’ll have to do this if your images have a large size, so compressing them down will improve your site’s loading time. Lower loading time means better user experience, which is a factor influencing SEO. 

You can also optimize images by adding their “alt text”. Alt text is basically a description of the image you’ve added. Adding alt text will optimize the images for search engine rankings, hinting to them what the image is about. Alt text is also the alternative text that’s read aloud by the AI to visually impaired people. In addition to this, the latter text will pop up when a browser fails to load the image. 

3. Set up Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool by Google, which lets you list your service or website as a business on Google search and Maps. We encourage you to create a profile and list yourself in Google My Business, especially if you’re a service provider. Listing on Google My Business is a great way of appearing in local search results. 

Google takes information such as your location, contact info, and working hours. When someone within the location you provided searches for a similar service of yours, you will pop up in the results that will potentially boost the visitors to your website. Although the majority of visits might be locally driven, it will all add up to thrust yourself up in search engines. 

4. Keep Your Website Updated

Keeping your website updated with all recent changes is a vital factor that contributes to SEO. If the content on your website is outdated, search engines will know of it and won’t hesitate to push you down the ranks. So always keep your website up-to-date by bringing in new content, updating the old texts and data, links, etc. 

A bonus tip will be to write evergreen content and publish it to drive visitors. Evergreen content is something that stays relevant even after several years that are yet to come or maybe even a lifetime. Such content doesn’t always have to be updated, which will save you a lot of time to work on the new stuff. 

5. Attract Backlinks

One of the best SEO hacks for a website owner is to attract backlinks. Backlinks make a website 100 times stronger by improving its credibility and reputation among the competitors. What it means is to get cited or referred by other reputed websites with a link to yours. 

The reputation of your website is an extremely important factor and you may sometimes seek the help of a professional, like LSG’s, in case the internet works against you. Outreaching is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to other websites. While you’re working to attract backlinks, make sure you get linked to by the highly reputed websites because low-credibility websites will make no difference at all, no matter how many of them may link to you.




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