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Billboards Types of Billboards You Can Use For Your Brand

Urban Spectacular Billboards

Spectacular billboards are usually in dense commercial areas such as Times Square, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Denver. They also usually feature special embellishments such as special lights, 3-D capabilities, etc.

Highway Billboards

Highway Billboards are classic billboards that are usually seen along the highway or streets where people in moving vehicles can easily read through the advertising messages without slowing down their vehicles. With the increase in speed of motorized vehicles, these billboards have increased in size as well.

Link NYC Boards

LinkNYC’s cutting-edge advertising network brings the power of digital ads to New York City. It features wi-fi, phone calls, and device charging on states of the art touchscreen Link tablets. Businesses can use this network to reach their customers in a meaningful way with LinkNYC’s new dynamic advertising campaigns

About Us

LSG Software Solutions was born in New York City from the love of passionate individuals for advertising.

At LSG Software Solutions, our focus is on showcasing and elevating your brand, as well as any other visual projects you envision, by featuring ads on iconic Times Square billboards or any other prime locations worldwide, all at affordable rates.

Our extensive network grants us access to high foot traffic billboard locations globally, allowing us to handle projects of any size or complexity. Whether you’re seeking a brief 15-second ad to grace Times Square for a day or planning an expansive cross-city campaign spanning Asia, Europe, and the US, we have you covered.

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Are you an entrepreneur looking for ways to improve your business? Maybe you need to know about new forms of communication that will give you advantages for your business.

Digital signage is a powerful branding tool that allows brands and companies to make their information and content available in specific places. Digital signage also allows companies to offer new interactive experiences to the customer.

The term “digital signage” refers to a system that allows the management and distribution of digital content (such as images, audio, videos, news, etc.) in a network of large or small televisions, digital billboards. Innovating and gaining public attention has become a priority. The emergence of digital billboards has made communication more interactive and dynamic. The brands have recognized its importance and since then, it has been one of the most used means in the transmission of information both for outdoor spaces: cities, gardens, etc.
Percentage of consumers say they noticed the message on Digital Billboard Ads
Percentage of Americans spend their waking hours out of the home.
Percentage of Digital Billboards weekly reach tops every other medium
Percentage of Shoppers say they have entered a store because a digital sign caught their interest

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