Makemy Doc Clinic Management and Healthcare


MakeMy Doc Clinic Management and Healthcare

We have designed and developed this website with key features like:

MakeMy Doc is an online medical and healthcare Platform that provides multiple healthcare services. Through MakeMy DOC, anyone with a mobile phone, anywhere in the world can have immediate access to trustworthy, personalized health advice.

We have designed and developed this website with key features like:-

 1. Custom Theme Designed & Developed in WordPress with enhanced security and performance.

   2. Responsive HTML/CSS, jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap Framework.

   3. Attractive design, great colour scheme and impressive UI/IX design.

  4. User can register as an Institution, as a student and as a doctor.

  5. Student ID “MD-SIN”- Register online with your Institution ID “MD-IIN”, personal and medical information to get an “MD-SIN”

   6. Prescription Notification- Whenever medically necessary, doctors will submit a prescription to you electronically.

 7. Secure Health Record – Every advice is saved in your electronic health record making regular follow up easier than before.


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